02 July 2020
  1. Neoliberal imperialism is already extremely crisis-ridden, connected with the unbridled plunder of nature and labour. Covid19 like Pandemics are an outcome of this specific character of over accumulation by the most reactionary corporate capital. 
  2. At the same time, the pandemic exposed the extreme vulnerability of the imperialist system, especially the bankruptcy and helplessness it is facing. Firstly, it laid bare that US imperialism that is supposedly leading the capitalist world is too weak- a trend which has been evident over the last few years. As a result, the US led neocolonial-neoliberal order has become unviable. 
  3. This trend is going to be intensified further in the post pandemic situation. The entire imperialist world, except China as of now, based on the statistics provided by various neo-colonial institutions and neoliberal centres, is going to experience the biggest ever contraction, larger than that of the great Depression. As a result, unemployment, poverty, inequality, etc. shall aggravate to unheard of levels.
  4. According to available datas, in terms of economic strength, US is giving way to China in a well defined manner. In crucial areas like the size of the economy, in volume of global trade, in capital export  etc  US is far behind. Because of this economic decline, in the coming days US will also find it difficult to  maintain its position as history's biggest war machine. 
  5. Because of China's advancement in digitisation and the application of this digital technology to develop a digital currency for international transactions, the supremacy of dollar is going to be challenged. 
  6. Similar to the economic sphere, in the political sphere too US dominance is declining. As manifested in the case of WHO, US finds it difficult to manipulate the UN and it's agencies as before. Even EU is taking an independent position and NATO is weakening while Chinese imperialism is displaying it's capability by leading many political and economic groupings and like OBOR, RCEP, SCO, etc. 
  1. Amidst this shifting global balance of power, as the Communist forces are still weak to pose a revolutionary threat so far, neo-fascism is strengthening, using Covid19 as an opportunity. For this digitial technologies are effectively used. Many Apps developed from China to the rest of the world for tracking, tracing, quarantining and even treating corona patients are now being used as tools for surveillance over people. This is in addition to the taking away of hard-earned democratic and economic rights of workers  and  oppressed people in manifold ways. 
  2. Secondly, an important trend is the use of digitisation which is the fast advancing 21st century technology for reorganization of the productive and service spheres for super exploitation of the working  class by making collective bargaining and unionisation difficult, thereby transforming more and more workers  as informal and unorganised. 
  3. Definitely, a weakening of US and possible strengthening  of bureaucratic capitalist China will give rise to a change in the form of neoliberal accumulation, including an alteration in many worn-out neocolonial institutions and re-arrangements, the overall trend, in the near absence of a revolutionary Communist initiative strong enough to challenge the ruling system, indicate an intensification in corporate capital's hegemony in more vicious forms.  In the emerging situation, the inter-imperialist contradiction, and the contradictions between capital and labour, between capital and nature, and between the capitalist imperialist system with the world people are going to sharpen to unprecedented levels. It shall provide the revolutionary Communists with an excellent objective situation to challenge the ruling system and even to overthrow it; to create a new wave of revolutions. But the subjective forces, the revolutionary communist parties, are still weak and incapable of appropriately intervening in it from the perspective of the working class and oppressed people. This is due to various reasons, including their weakness to come out of the old frames, to seek truth from concrete facts, and to develop the theory and practice of revolution according to present concrete conditions. So, in the immediate present, in spite of many people’s upsurges, more numerous than in the post-2008 crisis, spontaneous and even sometimes led by the Communist forces may break out, all the present visible trends point towards an intensification of corporate capital's plunder of nature and exploitation of working class and oppressed people, once again throwing the entire burden of their crisis to the backs of the toiling masses.

So, the emerging situation calls for concerted action on the part of communist revolutionaries and struggling left forces the world over to build up solidarity and struggle both at international and national levels, putting forward a political alternative based on a concrete evaluation of the emerging situation and with an advanced vision of people oriented development and democracy.

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Kabeer Katlat

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.