02 June 2020

This year we are observing 53rd anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising on 25th May under 4th lockdown Modi. At this critical time, should we not evaluate what is happening around us daily.  Even after the outbreak of Covid-19 devastated people’s life internationally and India, the capitalist imperialist system and its junior partners responsible for the Covid19 pandemic are once again on the offensive to carry forward business as usual throwing the whole burden of the unprecedented crisis over the working class and all oppressed people! That they delayed preparations to fight the virus and abruptly imposed the lockdowns as the panacea to fight it, are now saying we should learn to live with it for long time, let us take up economic recovery as main agenda giving Rs 20 lakh crores stimulus package for the corporate and others involved in it!

In his 12th May speech, once again, Modi did not say why the migrant workers are walking back to their native places and dying on the road, why millions of them are undergoing horrific distress all over India and abroad from 24th March. He did not explain why the number of patients and dead jumped from 500 and 10 on 24th March, to 70, 000 and 2300 on 12th May, the worst performance in South Asia. He did not say why these tens of millions of migrant workers and urban and rural poor had to starve and face all distress when FCI godowns are full and large funds were collected in PM Cares. He was silent how the workers who were turned in the contract/casual ones under neoliberal years are being turned in the bonded labourers now. He also did not say why Islamophobia was spread by RSS/BJP telling lies, under cover of Covid19 why students and other activists are detained, and fascist terror is imposed all over the country. Comrades, we can point out hundreds of such things to show how Modi-Shah rule is carrying forward the corporate fascist rule ruthlessly,

By the second half of 1960s, the imperialists and their junior partners had launched neo-colonial plunder. Workers, peasantry and all other toiling masses were in distress. Food riots and land capturing had started. But, the revisionists and neo-revisionists had abandoned the path of revolution.  It was then the Communist Revolutionaries brought revolution back to the agenda of the people and led the Naxalbari Uprising! Today it is a much worse situation internationally and in India compared to 1960s. Under neoliberal fascist offensive of imperialists and their junior partners, the plunder of working class and the oppressed people as well as of nature have reached devastating levels; at this time, not only the old time revisionists, but the modern revisionists as well as the so-called liberals, progressives of all hues and opposition political forces are contended with calling for some neo-Keynesian recipes everywhere; and even some from the camp of CRs have withdrawn to safe slogans. But, even if the trees want rest, wind will not allow them! The working class and the oppressed peoples are on the streets challenging their tormentors. As they have nothing to lose, but the chains of wage slavery binding them, they are continuing to fight. Now, while observing the Naxalbari Uprising Day, the challenge before the Communist Revolutionaries is to understand how the objective situation has reached a new stage, and get prepared to mobilize the working class and the oppressed people for revolutionary transformation of the society! Comrades, let us take up this challenge, let us dare to think, dare to struggle, and dare to win victory!

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.