Joint Appeal to Make the 3rd July Protest Day, a day of resistance against Modi rule, already signed by CPI(ML) Red Star, CPI(ML) PRC, UCCRI(ML) Kishen and All India Workers’ Council is given below. Their State Committees and the class/mass organizations and People’s Movements in which comrades of these organizations are active have already issued statements, wherever possible joining with like-minded organizations, calling for making 3rd July a day of mighty resistance against the Corporate fascist Modi rule. We appeal to all Communist Revolutionary and Revolutionary Left forces to sign the Joint Call.

Compatriots, Friends and Comrades,

Our country and people are in an extremely critical situation after six years of corporate fascist rule by Modi government. Especially its approach to containing the ever intensifying threat from the Covid19 pandemic, the economic policies beginning with De-monetisation deepening the neoliberal dependency, and the handling of the relations with neighbours with whom India had long standing good relations and the border disputes with China resulting in a prolonged standoff in Ladakh, with all armed forces in full alert, have made the crisis more acute.  

Still unconcerned with the severe impoverishment of the masses, it is going ahead with the neoliberal/ corporate policies. Its refusal to follow the advice of WHO and experts in our country to plan a health emergency approach, and seeing lockdown as the panacea to contain the Covid19 pandemic has led to it reaching alarming levels, with the number of Covid patients reaching five lakhs and dead reaching 15, 000. Still, it has no plans to contain it. As the lockdown itself was announced abruptly along with the stopping of train services, flights and inter-state buses, tens of millions of migrant workers and others employed in the urban areas were caught unawares, jobless and shelter-less, thrown in to temporary shelters, without basic facilities and often starving, compelled to walk back thousands of kms, with more people dying at that phase due to this misery than for Covid19. Still tens of thousands of them are stranded at many centres. The migrant workers abroad, mainly the 4.5 lakhs of jobless, starving, sick workers in Gulf countries who want to return but not having money to purchase tickets, are in acute distress; even after smaller countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc have repatriated their workers, Modi govt is going slow on this. At the same time, as all factories, shops and other work places are closed, crores of workers are jobless, and many families starving. Though Modi govt declared many incentive packages to corporate and elite sections, still very little is done for relief to the masses.

Meanwhile, all the hard earned rights of the working class and peasantry are taken away.. Under the cover of Covid there is a planned move to make them bonded labour, with 12 hour workday, absolutely no guarantee for job, cut in wages etc. The whole burden of the economic crisis, intensified during the pandemic, is thrown to their backs. If the agricultural workers, the landless and poor peasants are in dire condition, even sections of the middle peasants also. Including the rural and urban poor as a whole, vast majority of the masses are jobless, impoverished and are under the threat of spreading Covid-19.

At the same time, right from the beginning the Modi government intensified its Hindutva offensive, spreading Islamophobia. After coming to power for a second time a year back, Modi-Shah rule has further intensified the Hindutva offensive saffronizing every walk of life and the state apparatus, media and even the judiciary. Along with the Muslim masses, the dalits and adivasis are also under increasing attacks. RSS parivar wants to snatch away even their right to rotting in the proliferating slums.

It is at this time, the border standoff with China has led to military mobilization on both sides of the boundary, exposing the hollowness of the personalized diplomacy Modi was trying to pursue with Chinese president Xi. Unlike what happened in 1962, while India under Modi is trying to develop its strategic partnership with US imperialism as its junior partner, China as an imperialist power contending with US for world hegemony has its own designs on the border region. Only by coming to a settlement of the nearly 4000 kms of the boundary and marking it on the ground, peace can be achieved. But the present policy will only lead to more standoffs, forcing further hike in military expenditure which will pauperize the masses more.

On the whole, after six years of Modi government, India is in acute economic and socio-cultural, political crisis, with the polity getting fascistized fast, and getting alienated from its neighbours. The whole burden of the consequences of these policies has come over the people. India is in its gravest situation.

So, the alternative before the working class, the peasantry, all other toiling and oppressed masses including the dalits, Adivasis, minorities including Muslims and others, women is to come out on the streets and challenge this neo-fascist anti-people rule. We appeal to all communist revolutionary forces to close their ranks and unite, the working class to get prepared to take up their historic role, the peasantry and all other oppressed classes and sections to come together in massive militant protest against the corporate fascist Modi government on 3rd July all over India, with the determination to resist and defeat the corporate fascist aggression, to seize back and expand our rights.

Our slogans; our demands:

  1. Stop Warmongering and Jingoism; Settle border disputes peacefully through bi-lateral discussions! No more border wars!
  2. Bring all private hospitals under control of state, UT governments till Covid is contained;
  3. Provide economic package of at least 5% of the GDP for immediate medical expenses and payment of enhanced wages/allowances to all medical/para-medical staff;
  4. As Covid is spreading fast, ensure free Covid testing and treatment along with sufficient quarantine facilities.
  5. Provide free monthly ration of 45kgs food grains to all families;
  6. Provide Rs.10,000 monthly allowance for six months from 1st June to all jobless , unemployed and all needy people;
  7. Restore all basic rights of working class; Cancel all orders like 12 hour working day, cut in wages etc; Provide employment for all; or unemployment allowances to all jobless.
  8. Provide trains to take the migrant workers still stranded at many places to their native places; Bring back all jobless workers abroad, especially about 4.6 lakh in Gulf countries urgently at government’s expense.
  9. Provide work for all needy, at least 200 days yearly, with Rs 500 per day under MNREGA. Start Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme;
  10. Withdraw all ordinances including the three for further corporatization of agriculture, selling national assets, privatization of core sectors etc. Issued using Covid19 as a cover;
  11. Withdraw CAA, and cancel NPR/ NRC based on CAA.
  12. Withdraw UAPA; Release all political prisoners including anti-CAA activists; stop launching FIRs against journalists, democrats etc who are standing for democracy.

    Red Salute,

    Central Committee, CPI (ML) Red Star

    Central Committee, CPI (ML) PRC

    Central Committee, UCCRI (ML) Kishen

    Central Committee, All India Workers’ Council

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.