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Kabeer Katlat

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The Killing of four militants including Hizb-ul-Mujahideen operational commander Riyaz Naikoo in Jammu and Kashmir by Indian military is celebrated by Modi government, and the captive mainstream media with euphoria Massive restrictions have been imposed across the Valley and mobile phones and internet have once again been blocked, disabling information to trickle out from the ground about the reaction of the Kashmiri people against these killings. The trigger happy Indian military bosses and the Modi administration refuse to recognize that oppression and brutality under excessive militarisation and political control by New Delhi have created a fertile ground for young men, who have lost their sense of fear, inspired by the spirit of fighting for national liberation pick up the gun, and this militancy cannot be ended simply through a military hot-pursuit. It is shameful that though the Indian government, is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by its General Assembly on 10th December, 1948, right from the time of Nehru government, Kashmir became a sacred cow for all the mainstream parties, all of them colluded to go against the spirit of this Declaration, and as a result, in denying the right of self determination to the people of J&K which was never part of British India.

Article 15 of the Declaration says (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality; (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality. Again, Article 2 of the Declaration says: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. Just because raja Hari Singh signs some agreement with the then government in the concrete condition of that time, nobody has the right to abrogate the right of self determination of the people of J&K. When the India- Pakistan dispute over this territory went before the UN General Assembly, rejecting the claims of both, adopted a Resolution  calling for a plebiscite covering all areas of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and India occupied Kashmir (IoK). If it never got implemented, no Indian prime minister can escape from its blame by saying Pakistan is responsible for it; history shows that consecutive Indian governments were also equally responsible for its non-implementation.  Even while showing hatred for each other, waging three wars between them, continuing incessant skirmishes across the Line of Control (LoC), in spite of spending a huge part of the revenue to build powerful military establishments with nuclear teeth while keeping vast sections of the population in acute misery, during these seven decades, both government had covertly conspired in denying the J&K people their right of self-determination, to decide their future. Though both continue military occupation of the areas under their control, they are in effect colluding to continue the stalemate, while the Kashmir valley is turned in to a killing field for the military establishments of both sides for a long time.

 It was in this situation, after repeating its electoral victory in may, 2019, with a show of its muscular nationalism, using Balakot as trump card, the Modi-Shah government decided to settle Kashmir question once for all by abrogating Article 370 of the Constitution and transformed the J&K state in to two Union Territories. All democratic rights of the people were taken away and J&K, especially the Kashmir valley is turned in to worse than an open jail, violating all basic principles of Indian Constitution and UN Declaration. With this the Kashmiri people have lost all hopes for a political solution about their future. Modi-Shah have antagonized the whole Kashmiri people intensifying military oppression and denying even the remnants of democratic rights that had existed. Though, along with the security forces in Kashmir, Modi and his bhakth media repeats, Riyaz Naikoo as “big jolt” for militancy in Kashmir, according to reports it will only encourage hundreds of youth to pick up the gun. Fascists never learn from history. If he wants, Modi can ask his Israeli Zionist friends, how far they have succeeded in annihilating the Palestine people’s resistance struggle for national emancipation, even after so much of dehumanized aggressions and massacres by them. Even if Modi and Imran Khan, change their game, join hands and jointly attack, the Kashmiri people’s struggle for national liberation cannot be defeated. It is high time for the security grid and the political top brass to realise the flawed, a-historical strategy it is employing in Kashmir. As Kashmir Times editorial of 7th May states: “The Centre's smugness of celebrating Article 370 dilution as a major master-stroke that would kill terrorism has also lost its appeal”. According to government spokes person after January in 27 operations 66 militants were killed. Still over 200 militants continue to be active in Kashmir and hundreds more may join them in the new situation It is not the cross-border infiltrations, it is now the Kashmiri youth who are mainly fighting. Too much time will be wasted if we wait for Modi to learn from history and change his track. Neither Hitler did it, nor is Trump expected to do it.                                                                                                              

It is high time that the democratic forces in the country come forward, and in the spirit of Indian Constitution and UN Declaration, demand the scrapping of the abrogation of Article 370, restoration of the J&K state, withdrawal of Indian military to barracks and start political dialogue with Pakistan, fully involving representatives of Kashmiri people from both sides of the LoC, to resolve the question based on the right of self determination of the people.

We should not allow the Modi administration to use Indian military as cannon fodder for realizing the Hindurashtra of RSS’ dreams. We appeals to all mainstream parties to rectify the chauvinist line you had also pursued till now; we appeal to all democratic parties, mass movements and progressive intellectuals, mainly the youth and students to come forward and extend support to the right of self determination of the Kashmiri people. We are confident that such a democratic initiative from Indian side will encourage the democratic forces in Pakistan who are already taking a stand similar to ours. A political solution for the future of the J&K shall open the vistas for strengthening solidarity between peoples of India and Pakistan, and shall open the path of peace and progress in South Asia. In these difficult days, let us take up this question with all the seriousness I demands. n


According to newspapers’ reports security forces, it means military, got information about two Hizbul Mujahideen militants entering and holding on in a house in old Srinagar on 18th May night. On early hours of 19th a large number of military and CRPF forces surround the congested part of the city with very old houses so close that they have common partition walls. Soon they start bombarding the hose with very heavy guns to neutralize the militants. The residents jump out and start running away leaving everything, except their children and relatives. An encounter starts. Heavy firing for some time. Finally the two are neutralized, in means they are killed, in military language.  And the security forces with draws leaving the other formalities to police.

 When the residents start returning the wanton destruction of the houses got revealed to them. Almost all the houses were reduced to shambles. Soon angry residents threw stones and bricks at police who replied with teargas canisters.

Residents alleged the forces used heavy weaponry on the houses knowing very well that in the congested locality when houses are literally strapped on to one other. 15 to 18 houses are damaged, some of them razed to the ground? You cannot bombard a locality by using Heavy ammunition was used in an urban area in the name of fighting militants, After surrounding the area, they could have waited. But they wanted to finish the operation very fast!

At 2am on Tuesday, 19th May, when Srinagar was eerily calm and getting ready for another Sehri -- a predawn mealtime during Ramzan -- security forces walked silently past a maze of lanes near a government college and ringed a cluster of houses. They had credible leads that Junaid Sehrai -- a militant commander and son of a top separatist leader and his associate were in one of the houses. Soon an encounter ensued and through the day the area rent with firing and occasional blasts. Before evening both were killed. A policeman and three CRPF jawans were also injured. The gunfight had left behind a trail of destruction and shattered the life of residents who till hours ago had no inkling of what was to come when they were gotten out of the locality. On their return, they dreaded to see what had become of their beloved homes and belongings. Children, women and old men stood in trance looking at the destruction that wreaked the locality.

Where will they stay? Who will allow them in their homes in this pandemic?  They have to live under open sky till at least a shed is prepared. When the media people reached next day, the smell of charred houses and teargas still hang heavy in the air at the Nawakadal neighbourhood, a day after, according to CNN-News18.  As the action took place in a locality which gave shelter to militants, government will not assist in rebuilding their houses. The whole locality is punished. This is the way Indian state is dealing with militancy in the Kashmir valley. After decades of denial of the right of self determination to Kashmiri people, India and Pakistan, and their army establishments have turned it to a military question. As it is a very useful issue to spread Islamophobia, and to consolidate majoritarian Hindutva fascist control, soon after they found it is possible to get the scrapping of Article 370 and turn J&K in to two UTs, Modi government detained all political parties’ leaders except of BJP and has handed over the valley to military to teach a lesson to the people there. With all options for democratic action coming to an end more and more youth are turning to militants, and Indian military has turned it in to its killing field. As J&K question is a sacred cow which no mainstream party even want to touch the horrific situation in the valley continues.

The democratic forces in the country should seriously evaluate where the Modi government is taking the country to: firstly, by putting an end to even the bourgeois parliamentary system and judicial process in J&K, a war like situation is created with Pakistan; secondly by antagonizing all neighbours, now Nepal also; and thirdly, by even leading the country to get trapped in the conspiracy of Trump led US administration to make Modi government  the pro-verbila little monkey to test how hot is the rice is in its intensifying conflict with China for global hegemony. By inciting Modi its junior partner as a proxy to go for another confrontation with China, US imperialism has a history of using its junior partners repeatedly in its “use and throw” games to advance its interests. Recognizing the dangerous war games played by Modi government, the democratic forces should oppose them and defeat him in these acts of treason, before the country and people are led to a colossal tragedy. n



The helpless workers finally fell into a deep sleep on the railway tracks. A freight car went over  them. They were killed in their sleep. "Leaders" of this country wondered why they were lying on the railway line in the first place! A picture has gone viral on social media showing that the workers who were crushed under the wagons were lying on the line with rotis for their food. The great rulers of our country never once thought in what situation a person can end up lying on a railway line in a secluded place! They never once thought of the unimaginable exhaustion that could lead the workers to lie motionless on the tracks oblivious to the thundering approach of the wagons. It reminds one of the famous lines of revolutionary poet Sukanta Bhattacharya's poem, "Can you say why the rich man will ride a motor and why the poor will be crushed under that very motor"?

In the case of India today, one thing has come to the fore very nakedly, that this country is not a country for the workers, this country is not for the peasants, workers, toiling masses. This country belongs to Adani- Ambani and other billionaires.  If they deign to scatter some offerings for the poor people, then everyone claps in glee and joins in the delightful dance of appreciation. In the meanwhile, since Tata has deposited Rs 1,500 crore in Narendra Modi's PM Care fund, the 'civil society' all over India has joined in praising him to the skies.  Many are saying that a person who can donate Rs 1,500 crore in this grim situation, would surely have done any harm to the farmers of Singur? As if Tata did not raise Rs 1,500 crore by sucking the blood of the workers.  It is mind-boggling to guess the amount of assets of a person who can donate Rs 1,500 crore with ease. The question is, how can he accumulate so much property in a country like ours where most people have a monthly income of less than Rs 10,000? The contribution of the workers, the peasants who produce everything, to the economy of the country, to the people of the country, cannot be taken for granted. It will be a tragedy of paramount proportions if they are crushed under wagons. But no action has been taken against those who pushed them into such conditions. Rather, the Supreme Court wondered what it could do if people choose to walk for thousands of miles, if they sleep on railway tracks! This is our country. 

In such a country do we live. This "valley of death" is indeed our country. Even in wartime, the country depends on the workers and peasants to keep it going. They have to work when production is needed, even at the risk of their lives. Today, it is the workers and peasants who are working to provide us with essentials even in this corona situation, risking their lives to keep us alive. Healthcare providers are working at the risk of their lives. Maybe most doctors are people from the upper echelons of society, but in the end they are also workers, because they have to protect the health of the people with their skill. But the country is running in the interest of not workers and peasants but a handful of super-rich who control both the economy as well as the politics. Even the deadly spread of coronavirus in our country can be attributed to that handful of people. Because we know that if proper screening had been done at the international airports from the beginning, if the international airports had been sealed at the beginning, then perhaps India would not be facing such a situation today.

Such a sudden lockdown would not have happened, where millions of migrant workers were left homeless, without clothes, without food and helpless. Millions of workers who are not getting paid despite the government's promise to ensure their wages during the lockdown period are starving.  Service workers, health workers are fighting the risk of life with the risk of death without safety geaars.  On the other hand, a group is making a mountain of profit.  This is our country.

 This man-eating system to create a mountain of profit for few cannot be crushed until the  millions of people of the country have risen against it. So we need to get organized.  Let us unite to build a healthy society, a beautiful society, a system of production for the needs of the people, not for profit, and a healthy system of distribution, by changing the system that exists today. n


[May 8th is observed as a day of struggle in the ICOR, especially in the Eastern European countries. This year is the 75th anniversary of the destruction of Hitler's fascism; the day therefore has worldwide significance.]

On 8 May 1945, the Red Army of the socialist Soviet Union defeated the fascist “Third Reich“ and attained the liberation of millions in the occupied countries, concentration camps and prisons. It attained the liberation of entire peoples and promoted the construction of people's democracies in Eastern Europe.

On 8 May 1945, German Hitler-fascism capitulated. The 2nd World War had raged on all continents for six years, and still years after the end of World War II bringing immeasurable misery and death. However, the result of the heroic struggle was that one-third of humanity was liberated from imperialism and capitalism and that people's democracies and socialism were constructed!

For anti-communist reasons, the Western Allies had hesitated for a long time to enter this war against Hitler because they wanted the aggressive German imperialism to fight against and defeat the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union. But they had not reckoned with the workers and the broad masses in the Soviet Union, who struggled and defeated Hitler in the firm conviction of constructing socialism in their own country.

Fascism is the deadly enemy of the working class, socialism and communism and their organizations. In the context of the present corona crisis, too, the fascist and proto-fascist governments, as in Hungary, Brazil, Israel, India and Turkey, are attempting to organize the transition to fascism or have build up a fascist system. In further imperialist countries like the USA, Germany, France or Great Britain the rightward development of the governments is also continuing to develop and has attained acceptance for proto-fascist ideas among certain parts of the population.

In different parts of the world fascism has increased under the cover of the Corona crisis.
May 8/9 is together with August 6 (Hiroshima) and September 1 (beginning of World War II) the international ICOR day of struggle against fascism and war.

"Every nation can celebrate this day in its own way. But the essence remains the same: Down with fascism! Down with capitalist wars!" (from a call by KSRD Ukraine)

As revolutionary world organization, the ICOR stands for the preparation of the socialist revolution and the construction of socialism, for democracy and freedom in the entire world. Celebrating 75 years of the victory over fascism and learning from this today means putting all our efforts into strengthening the revolutionary movement in the world, as is stated in the Founding Resolution: “The desire and search for a society liberated from exploitation and oppression has to become a force for changing society which overcomes the basic evil of the imperialist world system.

Onward with the construction of the anti-imperialist and antifascist united front!

Onward with the construction of strong revolutionary parties and organizations worldwide!

Onward with the construction of the ICOR!

Onward to democracy, freedom and socialism!

Based on the Call of CPI(ML) Red Star, Party State committees observed the 75th anniversary of defeat of Hitler fascism and end of the 2nd World War in different state at large number of places, comrades standing together keeping body distancing with placards and red flags, in as many places as possible according to the restrictions of the lockdown.

“Comrades, May 8th is the 75th anniversary of the liberation from Hitler fascism which in effect marked the end of the 2nd World War though its formally ended with the nuking of Hiroshima by US imperialism on 8th August.  May 8 is greatly significant as it reminds us of  the heroic struggle and victory of the socialist Soviet Union and the Red Army supported by the revolutionary forces all over the world, and of the importance of the struggle against fascism and imperialist war in the struggle for socialism. has

In the present international and national situation, observing May 8 has added importance. Internationally, the impact of the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic mainly as a consequence of the devastation of the nature by capitalist imperialist system in its neoliberal/globalization phase has clearly shown that if Covid19 is only a virus, imperialism is the epidemic. Further intensification of the inter-imperialist contradictions and trade war between US and China may take explosive forms with China’s moves to end dollar’s supremacy with its digital e-currecy eRMB. The attacks on the working class and on nature, in general on the world people, are intensifying so fiercely that the overthrow of the capitalist imperialist system and advancing towards World proletarian Socialist Revolution has attained an unprecedented urgency today.

In our country, the developments following the breakout of Covid19 pandemic, have made the corporate fascist rule of Modi regime, which had taken more heinous, divisive forms after its 2019 electoral victory, more barbaric. Modi rule is devastating the working class throwing the whole burden of the pandemic crisis, and of the already serious economic recession which has reached extreme levels now over them, as manifested in the colossal human tragedy through which the tens of millions of migrant workers inside India and abroad are going through for last few months. Along with the 40  crores of the casual/contract workers, all the urban and rural poor and the farmers, the oppressed sections, the dalits, adivasis, minorities and women, are facing acute misery and fascist attacks. At the same time, speeding up implementation of RSS agenda, it is whipping up Islamophobia to strengthen its divisive majoritarian Hindutva on the one hand, and spreading Sinophobia allying more closely with Trump administration. The only alternative before the broad masses of people is to throw out the RSS/BJP raj.

In this situation, let us observe the May 8, with the international slogans: upholding the ICOR slogans: Onward to Strengthen the ICOR, to Construct the Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front, to Strengthen Revolutionary Parties and Organizations Worldwide and Onward to Democracy, Freedom and Socialism!

And, along with the above international slogans, let us observe the May 8, raising following all India slogans also: Intensify ideological struggle against all anti-communist trends and unite the communist revolutionary forces! Strengthen the Party! Coordinate all struggling left forces based on common program! Build broad based anti-fascist united front! Throw out RSS/BJP corporate fascist rule! Advance to People’s Democracy and Socialism

Naxalbari Uprising was a revolutionary mass upsurge of the landless and poor peasants and tea garden workers of North Bengal led by the communist revolutionaries with the slogan of ‘land to the tiller’ as part of the agrarian revolution. We are observing the 53rd anniversary of this mass upsurge on 25th May, the day on which the central and state forces fired on large number of the agitators, killing 11 comrades. This year we are observing it when after almost two months of lockdowns for fighting the Covid19 pandemic, the Modi government has started the process of easing down the restrictions hastily, similar to the way it imposed it, in a frantic bid to revive the economy which is in a great recession. Though many changes have taken place during the last five decades after Naxalbari, though corporatization has become the dominant trend in all fields under neoliberal offensive of the global capitalist imperialist system, it has only worsened the condition of the working class and peasantry. We are observing Naxalbari anniversary, when more than ever, the revolutionary restructuring of the society according to the new situation has become the urgent task before us.

The great Naxalbari Uprising was not just a movement for land. It symbolized the ideological political struggle then taking place in the international communist movement. When the CPI leadership started following the Soviet revisionist line, the first split took place, and CPI(M) was born in 1964. But, its leadership kept away from the struggle against Soviet revisionists, adopting a centrist, pragmatist line. In 1967 elections they came together, joined with split away groups of ruling class parties, and came to power in W. Bengal and Kerala.                                                                                                                                The first contribution of the Naxalbari Uprising was that it exposed degeneration of revisionist CPI and neo-revisionist CPI(M) to parliamentarism, as appendages of ruling class politics. During the last five decades, CPI(M) led Left Front parties have proved it in practice wherever they came to power. So, those who align with the LF are going against the lessons of Naxalbari.                                                                                            

Its second contribution was, it paved the way for uniting the Communist Revolutionaries and to reorganize the communist movement as CPI(ML). Inspired by Naxalbari, large numbers of students, youth, workers, dalits, Adivasis and other oppressed sections came forward to join the movement.

But, the CRs could not make a concrete analysis of Indian situation and to develop the program and path of revolution based on it; they came under the influence of the left sectarian line dominating the CPC then, the erroneous decision “Chinese path is our path” was taken. It led to adoption of the ‘line of individual annihilation’ which alienated it from the people. The movement came under fierce attacks, and by 1972, in spite of great sacrifices, the party was disintegrated.

The lesson learnt from this experience is that we have to fight against both right opportunist and sectarian/anarchist lines, develop the program and path of revolution based on correct evaluation of the international and national situation, and pursue mass line to unite all revolutionary forces and build the party capable of overthrowing the ruling classes and lead the people towards people’s democracy and socialism.

 During the last three decades of neoliberal offensive, based on IMF-World Bank-WTO directives and imperialist globalization, has helped the corporate forces to accumulate huge wealth resorting to neo-fascist offensive, while the working class, with 40 crores of them reduced to contract/casual workers, is depraved of all rights, and agrarian sector is in deep crisis. Outbreak of Covid19 pandemic and the manner in which Modi handled it shows how fascistic the ruling classes have become, and how barbaric their approach towards the working class and all other oppressed sections. The only path before us is to throw out this corporate fascist ruling system and advance towards socialism. This calls for unity of all communist revolutionary forces, building a powerful communist party, mobilizing the working class, peasantry, all oppressed sections including the dalits, adivasis, women and minorities, along with youth and students. On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising we appeal to all CR forces, let us come together to realize this historic task

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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.