RSS/BJP Plans to Storm Delhi with Hate Speeches, Islamophobia and Muscular Nationalism Overwhelmingly Defeated by AAP’s ‘Politics of Development”!

11 February 2020

Statement on Delhi Election Results:

RSS/BJP Plans to Storm Delhi with Hate Speeches, Islamophobia and Muscular Nationalism Overwhelmingly Defeated by AAP’s ‘Politics of Development”!

What took place in Delhi for a month was the most vitriolic and vulgarized campaign by RSS/BJP, sought to criminalize the atmosphere. But, the people of Delhi have given a crushing defeat to BJP and they deserve congratulations for it. The AAP has won 63 seats out of 70. In spite of the defeats or reducing its strength in the elections to the state assemblies of Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand, all Hindu majority states, BJP was pursuing the RSS calculation that through majoritarian Hindutva polarization it can win the elections and advance to Hindurashtra by unleashing the divisive politics of hatred, Islamophobia and muscular nationalism, for consolidating which the CAA was adopted and the countrywide NPR/NRC was planned. Even after the whole country witnessed such a mighty people’s upsurge with the students, youth and women in the forefront, against it, with not only Muslims, as the BJP repeat, but dalits, Adivasis, and all other oppressed sections increasingly joing it still swelling the number of people on the streets, the RSS/BJP is not prepared to realize its folly. As all fascists in history, the fascist RSS through Modi govt is arrogantly engaged continuing their Hindutva polarization agenda which was witnessed in the Delhi elections.

The RSS/BJP unleashed a vitriolic, worst level, absolutely divisive hate campaign. Its leaders from Modi, Shah, Yogi to central ministers to local activists all competed in making hate speeches in this campaign led not by BJP’s state leadership but by the central leadership. In Amit Shah’s words, BJP wanted to conquer Delhi after 21 years. So tens of thousands of RSS/BJP pracharaks were brought from other states besides large number of local cadres, and all its chief ministers, all central ministers and 200 MPs, along with huge funds were deployed in the campaign in this city state . The language of the campaign started from Shaheen Bagh is a conspiracy and experiment by Modi, to dubbing all opponents of BJP government and protesters against CAA/NPR/NRC as anti-nationals, traitors, Pak agents, terrorists, and many things more vulgar by Shah who campaigned extensively even addressing street corner meetings and door to door campaigns, “Goli Maro Desh Ke Gaddarom Ko” by central minister Anurag Thakur, and many other oft repeated statements like Shaheen Bagh is mini-Pakistan and those camping there will attack your houses and rape you women if Modi and Shah’s men do not win, spreading hatred, divisiveness and criminalization. The Delhi chief minister and AAP chief Kejariwal was called a terrorist! The whole narrative was a continuation of the campaign for 2019 Lok Sabha elections, to establish the hegemony of majoritarian Hindutva polarization at any cost! If the ruling AAP in the state tried to focus the campaign to a discussion on its performance for last five years, to its inclusive ‘development politics’, BJP focused on Hindutva polarization based on Shaheen Bagh, Pakistan and virtues of CAA.

The poll results show that, in spite of its high voltage campaign, BJP’s voting percentage decreased ( it went down from 67% in 2019 LS elections to 42% after 8 months) and it had to be satisfied with 7 out of 70 seats. As BJP’s total campaign led by Modi and Shah focused on the communal fascist agenda of Hindurashtra advocated by RSS, trying to block any discussion on the galloping recession as a result of the economic policies under its six years rule, and its consequences, the Delhi people overwhelmingly rejected it. AAP’s vote share increased to 53%. It is definitely a victory for the anti-BJP forces who are with the Anti- CAA/NPR/ NRC mass movement and all people’s struggles against fascist Modi govt.

While evaluating the results of the Delhi elections which took place when the people’s movement against the fascist Modi govt has reached a critical juncture, the role played by the different political parties and groups in this election also calls for an evaluation. As far as the other ruling class partie are concerned, Congress once again proved that it has grossly mistaken notions about its own strength and that the Delhi election was going to be polarized between AAP and BJP. It has failed to take lessons from its negative role in uniting the anti-BJP ruling class/regional parties in the 2019 LS elections, or from recent positive experiments in Maharashtra and Jharkhand. Instead of forming anti-BJP front with or if it was not possible, supporting the AAP, it contested all 70 seats, got decimated, forfeiting deposits in 67, just getting 4% votes, while it had 22% in 2019 LS elections. Instead of understanding the importance of defeating BJP at present juncture and that election is going to be polarized between AAP and BJP, even then they had no basic policy differences with AAP, from BSP (which used to get up to 10% votes), other non-BJP parties and CPI(M) led Left Front parties contested few seats and got totally decimated. Some of the sectarian micro groups were satisfied with boycotting the elections or calling for using NOTA. Contrary to these approaches, CPI(ML) Red Star along with PRC, CPI(ML)) brought out a handbill explaining the present situation why giving a crushing defeat to fascist BJP is the urgent need, our own call for building a people’s alternative, and appealing to the people to utilize the franchise intelligently to defeat BJP, though the other main contestants, AAP and Congress, are also following neoliberal policies, and organized a campaign based on it in the areas where both organizations are working.

At the same time, we should be vigilant that the fascists do not take lessons from such setbacks; on the contrary, they try to becoe more aggressive. The reactions of the BJP spokespersons in the media after the results came out show that they are taking more aggressive positions. So, there is increasing fascist danger from the RSS. BJP’s defeat in Delhi does not mean that they will stop the vicious majoritarian Hindutva campaign. The conscious infiltration to and attempts to control all wings of the state machinery and in all Constitutional institutions including the Election Commission and judiciary will be intensified. So, utilizing the positive impact the defeat of the BJP in Delhi elections among the struggling forces, the struggle against the fascist forces who are controlling the central government and the ruling system should be carried forward more actively.

K N Ramachandran
General Secretary
CPI (ML) Redstar

New Delhi
11th February 2020

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.