07 September 2018
FOR a Europe of peace, prosperity and freedom!!" With nice-sounding phrases like this, those in power endeavour to conceal the imperialist essence of the European Union. The controversy regarding the EU has worldwide importance today: for in view of the justified criticism of US president Trump and of US-imperialism as main warmonger and enemy of all peoples, many people all over the world regard the EU as “still more human” than as of the same essence as imperialism. That is why spreading the truth about the EU is a worldwide important task of ICOR. The EU has long been politically and militarily co-responsible for refugee flows from many countries, like Afghanistan and Syria. Today the reality is: several governments of imperialist EU countries are currently going through government and political crises, in particular Germany, at the moment Britain, and Italy and Spain as well. The EU is caught up in a deepened crisis involving a marked development to the right by the governments!

At the Brussels Summit on 27/28 June the imperialist EU countries have agreed on an ultra-reactionary, racist tightening of refugee policy. It amounts in effect to a termination of the right of asylum. Even before that the Mediterranean had become a mass grave for thousands of refugees. At the recent meeting the heads of government agreed on closed-off internment camps, preferably in North Africa. In Libya, at the behest of the EU such camps already have been created, where trafficking in human beings, maltreat-ment and rapes are the order of the day. The FRONTEX border guard force is to be expanded to a force of 10,000. The military arming of reactionary governments in Niger and Chad has the purpose to intercept refugees long before they reach the Mediterranean coast. Many perish in the desert. This inhuman policy is accompanied by racist agitation of ultra-right-wing, proto-fascist parties against refugees. They divert attention from those who cause the streams of refugees: the imperialist world system, the international corporations, which plunder the raw materials and labour of Africa or are chiefly responsible for the development of the global environmental catastrophe.

The ICOR defends the right to flee. At the same time, the ICOR advocates that the masses of the people fight for their liberation from capitalism in their countries. Thus the construction of a health centre in Kobanê/Rojava/North Syria on the basis of the Solidarity Pact between ICOR and local self-government bodies has enabled the return of many refugees.

However, this entire reactionary rightward development is confronted by many protests, strikes, demonstrations and practical refugee aid of the masses in all of Europe on the basis of a growing internationalist consciousness. In Hungary the masses struggle against Orban’s manipulated election victory; in Germany against the introduction of proto-fascist police laws; or in Austria and France against the dismantling of social rights and labor rights! Owing to the people’s loss of confidence in them European governments get into increasingly deeper political crises.

The development to the right is the governments’ answer to the rapid intensification of the imperialist world system’s crisis-proneness and the shifts in the balance of forces in the worldwide imperialist rivalry. These result in a general increase to imperialist preparation for war. This policy is accompanied by chauvinist propaganda, fascistization of the state apparatuses and a massive dismantling of bourgeois-democratic rights and freedoms. This development is most advanced in Turkey with the establishment of fascism.

Those in power know: it will become dangerous for them when the working class and the other sections of the masses fight under the leadership of revolutionaries to overthrow imperialism. Accordingly, the anti-communist spearhead of their attacks is directed against revolutionaries. The building of revolutionary parties in all countries and their joining together in the ICOR is the most important conclusion.

 The time is ripe for the building of a broad anti-fascist, anti-imperialist united front in all countries!

 Stop the rightward development of more and more governments!

 Rebellion against the imperialist EU is justified!

 Strengthen the building of revolutionary parties, strengthen the ICOR!

Signed by CPI (ML) Red Star, MLPD and 27 other constituents of the ICOR till 25th July 

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.