CPI(ML) Red Star - ICOR


International condemnation of Turkey's war of aggression in violation of international law!

Currently Erdogan has started his war of aggression against Rojava/Northeast Syria with his fascist state and army in violation of international law:

Participate in the international day of solidarity tomorrow, day X, 10 October as international day of solidarity
and in the worldwide protests on 12 October 2019!

The imperialist plans must not work out!

Regarding Rojava the ICOR resolution of January 2019 states: “The democratic construction in Rojava/Northern Syria stands for the successful fight against the IS/Daesh, for democracy and freedom, women’s rights, environmental protection, respect for all ethnic groups and religions. (...) The international solidarity in turn stands for unswerving solidarity and inclusion of the Kurdish liberation struggle in the worldwide struggle against imperialism.”
Erdogan is planning an ethnic cleansing and the destruction of the lived struggle for freedom and democracy, women's liberation and ecological life and its close connection with the international liberation struggle for national and social liberation.

The present attack also means the threat of a direct confrontation of several imperialist forces from which a military conflict with worldwide impact can develop.

The Self-Defense Forces of the QSD (Democratic Forces of Syria) are absolutely determined to defend Rojava. International solidarity is needed – it was already once an essential part of the success in the liberation of Kobanê.

No liberation struggle may stand alone and isolated! Right from the beginning the ICOR has stood by the side of the liberation struggle in Rojava. It has mobilized for worldwide days of solidarity and organized practical solidarity work by building the “ICOR clinic” in Kobanê.

The struggle for freedom and democracy must be led against all imperialists as an anti-imperialist struggle. In order to eliminate imperialism and its wars of aggression, a liberated democratic and socialist world has to be achieved by struggle.

Hands off Rojava!

For the right of self-determination and the international recognition of the democratic self-administration of Northeast Syria!

International condemnation of Turkey's war of aggression!

For freedom, democracy and socialism!

The super-exploitation and oppression unleashed on the working class and oppressed people the world over by neoliberal imperialism are intensifying without any let up. In the absence of a revolutionary alternative, the various people’s movements that have sprung up across the Americas, Africa and Asia in recent years are now experiencing a lull or are not advancing forward. And of late, as is the case with India, a further shift in ruling class politics to the far-right has become more conspicuous. Consequently, ultra-right and reactionary regimes backed by neo-fascist, racist, xenophobic and religious fundamentalist ideologies have come to power in many countries. Strengthening of the repressive state apparatus and fascistic tendencies are visible in both imperialist and dependent countries. As a corollary of this, scramble for more avenues of investment, trade, strategic influence is intensifying inter-imperialist contradictions and manifesting as protectionist trade wars and geopolitical tensions in several parts of the world.

After threatening Venezuela with regime change, US imperialism led by Trump is attempting for direct military intervention in Iran even as US-sponsored Israeli attacks on Palestinian people in Gaza and elsewhere are mounting. US is engaged in boosting its arms export especially to its regional pillars like Saudi and India and is prying open markets wherever possible under threat of sanctions. One of the biggest-ever trade wars that is intensifying between the US and China, the two leading imperialist powers, starting with US imposition of $ 200 billion tariff hike on Chinese products, banning the access of Huawei (Huawei Technologies Co Ltd), the Chinese smart phone giant to US market (as well as non-US markets) followed by retaliatory tariffs on the part of China will have its repercussions at a global level. In addition to the termination of preferential trade treatment for India as per the GSP scheme with effect from the beginning of June, 2019, the US administration is reported to have threatened India with economic sanctions if it sticks to the October 2018 multi-million deal for purchase of S 400 Triumph Missile from Russia. At the same time, the Modi regime, as US’s strategic junior partner, is offering itself as a launching pad for Pentagon’s Indo-Pacific geopolitical machinations especially against China. 

Across the world, in general, far-right regimes are on the ascendance and neo-fascist forces are on the offensive. For instance, East Asia is transforming as a terrain of acute US-China strategic rivalry and trade friction. While China along with its Belt and Road Initiative is increasing its military muscle particularly in South China Sea, the US is strengthening its time-tested security alliances with Japan and South Korea together with revamping the “Quad” in alliance with key players in the region. The re-election of the right-wing government in Australia led by Scott Morrison defying poll prediction is another conducive factor in the US-led machinations in East Asia and Far East.

The Easter day church bombings carried out by suicide bombers belonging to National Thowheeth Jama’ath having suspected ties with IS has been a new development as far as South Asia region is concerned. Since Sri Lanka was never part of the anti-IS coalition, analysts have been quick in identifying the Sri Lankan attack as retaliation for the attack against Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, an argument questioned by the government there. At the same time, allegation that the perpetrators of this heinous crime had funding connections with Saudi has not yet been properly addressed.  And, whether the Sri Lankan Bombing was another ‘tragedy of great power conflicts’ over Indian Ocean needs to be explored further.

In Latin America, the so called “pink tide” pioneered by left-wing and progressive regimes that was sweeping the region in the first decade of the 21st century has now given way to what is called a “brown tide” led by neo-Nazi right-wing forces with a few exceptions in a few countries. A common thread of all trends of right-wing populism that is emerging in Latin America ranging from that of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil  and Sebastian Pinera in Chile to Mauricio Macri in Argentina is the solid ideological backing that it receives from Christian evangelism. As a consequence, the Sao Paulo Forum led by progressive governments that supported the leftist parties and movements in Latin America is now facing considerable decline. Right-wing reaction is so well entrenched that a recent survey published by Intal/latinbarometro (digital magazine) found Church as “the most reliable institution” for the people whose confidence in it has grown to 65 per cent and that in political parties being just 15 per cent. No doubt, these regimes have become pro-US in their orientation.

This widespread shift to conservative politics in the West has its clear manifestation in Europe today. In the just concluded European elections, right-wing populism and far-right nationalism including the Brexit Party in UK got a boom in voter support. And many of these reactionary parties are also attempting to organise into a pan-European power bloc against workers, immigrants and sub-Saharan refugees from North Africa. Italy’s League, Germany’s AfD, Finns Party, Danish People’s Party, Austria’s Freedom Party, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, France’s National Rally, Spain’s far-right Vox Party, Estonia’s far-right Conservative People’s Party (EKRE), anti-immigrant Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), Forum for Democracy (FvD) in Netherlands and so on are reportedly involved in this initiative.

To be precise, this right-wing offensive against the working class, the oppressed and broad masses of toiling people is also sharpening all the inherent contradictions of imperialism. Though an open military confrontation among the major powers is not imminent, in conformity with imperialism’s geopolitical interests, through local wars, threat of trade and currency wars, imperialism, especially US imperialism is expanding the markets for weapons and commodities, ensuring conditions for cross-border capital flows and sharpening the scramble for sources of raw materials and resorting to fascistisation everywhere.

Another important development is the intensification of global warming and climate change which are leading towards an ecological catastrophe. There are many resistance struggles coming up against it and we have to play an important role in these movements.

As we have emphasised in our Political Resolution for the 11th Congress, this grave international situation calls for timely and coordinated action on the part of M-L organisations and revolutionary parties from the perspective of proletarian internationalism linking it with the revolutionary intervention as required by the concrete realities in each country. Objective ideological-political evaluation of the bouncing back of right-wing forces and relative weakness of the progressive forces at a global level is an inalienable component of this task. We have to take up this as an important task in our work with ICOR. n

5TH MAY this year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, arguably the person whose thinking has had the greatest impact on the history of humankind. Marx’s thought is vast and multi-faceted. He developed scientific socialism whose three main component parts are dialectical and historical materialism, political economy and the doctrine of the class struggle. In a nutshell, his analysis was a concrete analysis of concrete conditions.

It was such analyses that led Marx to uncover the intricacies of capitalism, the necessity of socialist and communist revolution and the correct interpretation of history. He was a universal genius and wrote extensively on politics, economics, history, culture, sociology and science, among other topics, laying the scientific basis for the proletarian women’s movement and environmental movement and foresaw, the anti-racist and anti-caste movements etc.

But his forte was not only his thought. He became active in the first Workingmen’s Association (earlier called the Communist League) formed by different trade unions from various countries. He founded the German Workers Association (while he was in Belgium). It was at the behest of the Communist League that Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto. Thus he put into practice the principle of proletarian internationalism which he had put forward in opposition to bourgeois nationalism.

All this activity called for great personal sacrifice from Karl Marx. He and his family suffered often from poverty and police repression. He was expelled from nations (twice from France and once from Belgium) and ended up as a stateless person in England, which denied him citizenship while Prussia refused to reinstate his citizenship. He was compelled to do his work in extremely difficult conditions. Such a life took a great toll upon his wife and his family and four of his seven children died at a very young age in infancy. Many have accepted the truth of the ideas put forward by Karl Marx in various fields, such as economics, sociology, history, etc. Still, they say that his idea of revolution is not correct and is not endemic to his other ideas. This is clearly false. The essence of Karl Marx’s ideas is his concept of revolution. It is the life breath of his work.

We remember Karl Marx on this day not only to pay our respects to his past achievements. We specifically assert that the thought of Karl Marx is the future – that scientific socialism is the only possible future in a world beset by various types of crises – economic, political, environmental, ethnic and cultural. It is in such a world that Karl Marx offers us a chance of a world without classes – without race, ethnic, gender, caste and other such biases. A world based on the abolition of private property of the means of production – the land and the factories – where the real history of mankind can be begun.

Let us all strive to commemorate Karl Marx in the only genuine manner. By renewing our resolve and our enthusiasm for the spirit of proletarian internationalism and the fight for democracy and freedom – for socialism and communism – for the world as Karl Marx had given us a vision of.

ICOR calls upon all revolutionaries to make use of the 200th anniversary to spread the ideas of Karl Marx to inspire the youth to act upon the revolutionary path shown by Marx, to change the world to socialism and communism – in the spirit of the slogan: Workers of the world, unite! 
INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day is a joint day of struggle of the international revolutionary and militant women’s and working-class movement! The call issued by the Socialist women more than 100 years ago united women workers, peasant women and the masses of women in the struggle against imperialist warmongering, hunger and misery, and was supported by the revolutionary parties of the world. It was the period of revolutions culminating in the Great Russian October Revolution of 1917 with the victory of socialism. Here, for the first time the most far-reaching women’s rights worldwide were realized.

More than 100 years later the imperialist world system’s susceptibility to crisis has increased in an all-round way. Incapable of solving even one of humanity’s problems, it destroys the basis of existence of the masses and calls the conditions of life into question. Worldwide, dissatisfaction with the economic, social and political situation is growing. Women are at the focus of the fetters organized by the bourgeois state and family system. In the Arab world, the situation of women has dramatically worsened due to the terrorist fundamentalist religious movements, especially in conflict regions.

However, women are rebelling worldwide. Women workers, peasant women, the masses of women are no longer willing to accept the dictates of those in power: Women in the USA demonstrate against Trump and his warmongering policies. In India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand the armies of women garment workers fight for a minimum wage and social protection. In India as worldwide women are fighting against sexual violence, religious fundamentalism, oppression by the state and patriarchal structures. In Iran, women rise up against aggression, in Latin America and in Pakistan masses of women close ranks to fight violence, and murder, against women and children. Even in the 21st century, the struggle against the feudal patriarchal oppression of women is still an inseparable part of the struggle for the liberation of women . In Africa, women fight for work and food; in Europe, women workers strike for higher wages, fight reactionary laws. In the Middle East, women, partly taking up arms, defend democracy and freedom against fascist terror. The focal point at present is the defense of Afrin/Rojava. The ICOR welcomes the heroic struggle of the Palestinian women.

International Women’s Day was born in 1910 – ICOR was founded in 2010. We ICOR parties stand for the liberation of women through an anti-imperialist and socialist perspective. The proletarian women’s movement with the core of the revolutionary parties promotes the international women’s movement in its entire spectrum and diversity and offers it the prospect of struggle for the liberation of women in a liberated society. This is why the ICOR supports the international process of the World Women’s Conference and was a vital part of the first two World Women’s Conferences of Grassroots Women in Venezuela and Nepal. Here the revolutionary and militant women’s movement unites in struggle against the exploitation and oppression of women and for their emancipation in a liberated society. As ICOR parties we call on the women of the world: Strengthen the militant women’s movement in the world! Organize in the revolutionary parties and courageously accept leadership responsibilities as women! Become a part of the international socialist revolution.

Long live International Women’s Day! Advance the liberation of women! 
There was an uprising, a Serhildan against poverty, corruption, discrimination and oppressive policies in many cities of Iran and Rojhilat (East Kurdistan). After the 1988, 1999 and 2009 protests, people went out on the streets for the first time with such large scale actions and shouted out radical slogans against the religious leader Ali Hamaney. Besides the economic demands, hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets with the demand of political freedom and showed once more that corrupted and rotten dictatorships come to an end in the Middle East.

The Mullah regime was carrying out an oppressive and capitalist exploitation order within the country and implementing expansionist and aggressive policies in the region. Especially women are affected by the oppression of their women’s rights and their right to life. Although it is trying to legitimize these policies through religious discourse and propaganda of national unity, it is losing its credibility in the eyes of the masses day by day. And this time, the Iran state ignored the legitimate demands of the people by relating the people’s uprising with the contradiction it has with US imperialism.

Just in the previous weeks, people of Baþûr (South) Kurdistan had not left the streets for days against corruption, poverty and the degenerated rotten oligarchic government and organized actions which targetted firstly Barzani and then all the other political parties sharing power. And now, East (Rojhilat) Kurdistan is resisting the regressive and colonialist rotten Mullah regime from Kirmanshah to Mahabad.

This spark which cooled down for now once again proved that, despite all the cruel state violence, it is possible once again for spreading of strikes and protests all around the country, bringing themselves into beings of women who especially stand at the forefronts of the clashes, of the student movement and the revolutionary movement in Kurdistan. The new quality of the protest movement in Iran consists in being marked by workers’ protests.

In order not to hand over the struggle of people for freedom, independence and social justice to the regressive opportunists, starting from all the revolutionaries of Iran, peoples of the region and all the revolutionaries of the world should support the uprising and serhildan and raise the struggle against thieves and dictators by standing side by side.

As communists, revolutionaries, progressives and consistent anti-imperialists, we support the uprising in Iran and serhildan in Rojhilat!

We continue to uphold the flag of labor against capitalist exploitation, of women’s liberation against patriarchy, of national equality and independence against colonialism! 
ON 21 March 2018, the day of the Kurdish Newroz festival, a worldwide day of action for solidarity with Efrîn (Rojava) will take place. The initiative for this came from the revolutionary world organization ICOR, which has more than 50 member organizations. The ILPS (International League of Peoples’ Struggle) also has issued a call for the day of action.

The call of ICOR states: “This day of action is intended to send out a strong signal of international solidarity and make this clear: no liberation struggle must and will be left alone and isolated!” “Millions of people all over the world have already taken to the streets in solidarity with the struggle for democracy and freedom, against the invasion of Efrîn by the Turkish government in violation of international law. Unambiguously and as part of the solidarity pact of the ICOR with the Kurdish liberation struggle, 29 ICOR member organizations with their resolution of 26 January affirmed the demand and the hope: ‘Stop the fascist war of aggression on Rojava/Northern Syria! Efrîn will live!’”

Turkey out of Rojava! All imperialists out of Syria!

The struggle for democracy and freedom in Efrîn is also our struggle!

Stop the arms supplies and military support of Turkey!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

For peace, freedom, socialism! 
ACTIVE resistance worldwide against the attack of the imperialist rulers of the world on humanity and nature – For saving the natural environment from profit economy!

The 23rd UN World Climate Conference met in Bonn (Germany) from 6 to 17 November. The ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) welcomed the international large-scale demonstration in Bonn and worldwide militant protest activities against the capitalist destruction of the environment that took place on 11 November, the world climate day of action and the ICOR environmental day of struggle.

It actively participated in organizing it and thereby took up the joint experiences in struggle at the 22nd UN World Climate Conference in Morocco in 2016. The ICOR called for international participation – because the threatening danger of a global climate and environmental catastrophe can only be averted collectively!

After the G-20 summit in Hamburg/Germany in July 2017, the misleading impression arose as if the masses of the world only have the alternative between rabble-rouser Trump and the “moderate imperialists”. But the worldwide environmental movement should not fall in to this pseudo-alternative!

With his frontal attack on hard-won climate and environmental protection measures Trump actually wants to counteract the massive relapse of US imperialism in worldwide competition. The Paris climate agreement itself, however, is a fraud with its non-binding declaration of intent and not suitable to save the world climate and the environment. You will search in vain for concrete and binding measures for climate protection in the “G-20 Hamburg Climate and Energy Action Plan for Growth”. All the more the preamble deals with the “protection” of capitalist competitiveness.

Furthermore, even environmentally destructive technologies like nuclear power and gas fracking are being promoted as apparent “alternatives” with express reference to the Paris climate agreement. The workers and the broad masses are also being suggested to believe that environmental protection and jobs are incompatible and that one or the other has to be sacrificed. It is social chauvinism to rely on one or the other imperialist, on one or the other corporation in the issue of peace, environment or jobs, or even to allow one self to be used by them.

Instead of this wrong way of fragmentation, the environmental movement has to continue to internationalize itself and to strengthen the unity of workers and peasants, workers and indigenous peoples, workers, women and youth.

Those in power are neither willing nor able to actually take serious steps to protect the natural environment, to combat the causes of flight, of poverty and mass unemployment. Because the leading corporations and imperialists of today’s world are the real perpetrators of all of these problems! Protests and resistance against this are growing worldwide – because the masses do not want to decline in capitalist barbarism.

Determined immediate measures and especially a societal perspective of a liberated socialist society through the revolutionary overcoming of imperialism/capitalism are necessary – under the banner of the lessons of the 100th anniversary of the victorious Russian October Revolution.

Strengthen the ICOR and its member organizations!

Become friends of ICOR!

November 11, 2017 
Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist)

ON behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) I extend our greetings to ICOR on the occasion of its Third World Congress.

We highly appraise the work of ICOR and its affiliated organisations and parties. We extend our proletarian solidarity to all of you, and especially to Comrade Monika Gärtner-Engel, ICOR Main Coordinator, who has been the subject of recent death threats from German fascists. Leading comrades and progressive intellectuals around the world, such as the martyred Gauri Lankesh and Zafar Hussein in India, are increasingly being bullied, jailed and killed by state and right-wing paramilitary forces in a sign of the growing weakness of the imperialist system. Our cause is just and will not be stopped. We look forward to further exchanges and collaboration with ICOR and its affiliates.Red salute!

Nick G.

Chairperson, CPA(ML)

15 October 2017

International Miners’ Coordination

THANK YOU very much for the years of trustworthy and friendly collaboration between the ICOR and the International Miners’ Coordination.

We are proud of the ICOR’s support for our future-oriented project to unite the 20 million mineworkers worldwide and the worldwide struggles of the mineworkers with your connections and your know-how. Without your support not so many miners from the rank-and-file of other countries would have come to the 1st International Miners’ Conference in Peru 2013 and to the 2nd International Miners’ Conference in Godavari Khani/India in 2017. Once again many thanks to all ICOR organizations and parties!

We wish your World Conference good luck and much success. We are looking forward to collaboration in solidarity, on an equal footing and in friendship for further decades. For our vision “of a worldwide linked miners’ movement, struggling for themselves and their children to put the treasures of the soil, the water and the air into the hands of those who make them accessible by their work. They shall be used for a rich, healthy life in dignity for all people in harmony with nature – without exploitation and oppression.” the workers need the ICOR for the coordination of worldwide struggles and strong Marxist-Leninist and revolutionary parties and organizations.

Glück Auf

on behalf of the ICG

Andreas Tadysiak

Main Coordinator of the International Miners’ Coordination

Partido Comunista Revolucionario del Uruguay

PLEASE accept our internationalist, fraternal and militant greetings for the opening of the 3rd World Conference of the ICOR and our best wishes of success of the conference and for the revolutionary struggle, as well as for the collaboration and unity of the proletariat, the oppressed peoples and nations of the world.

This conference will be held as we commemorate the centennial of the glorious October Revolution, committing ourselves anew to adhere to the revolutionary struggle and the struggle for socialism, while all the contradictions of the imperialist-capitalist system intensify on a global level.

Long live the 3rd World Conference of the ICOR and proletarian internationalism!

Ricardo Cohen, Secretary General

MLOA Afghanistan

I SEND you warm and revolutionary greetings! I am very happy to hear that again an international conference of ICOR and of ICMLPO took place for which comrades from all over the world came together in order to exchange opinions and experience. That these conferences take place and that there is the possibility of exchange is an enormous achievement, for which I would like to congratulate with all my heart. Still it is tragic that our honoured comrade Ali because of a heart attack passed away after the last conference. Unfortunately I myself could also not take part in this important meeting, because I had surgery on both eyes. I sincerely regret to not have been able to participate personally in the rich discussions and get to know the valuable experiences of every individual one. But my thoughts were with you!

Highly honoured comrades,

as you know yourselves, on the one hand, we have global imperialism under the leadership of the United States of America and their allies, which only bring fire and blood to our world, and there is not a single day on which we do not hear about occupations, devastations and blood-shedding which they have committed somewhere in the world. On the other hand, there is the imperialism of Russia having come to life again, showing its claws and baring its teeth towards its opponents, which by occupying Syria and the Crimean Peninsula is adding more and more crimes and blood-shedding to its list. The intensification of the dispute and disagreement between these opponents which you can clearly see in the current situation, could lead the world to one of the largest wars of time.

Afghanistan, my home country, is one of the points of convergence of these contradicting and competing imperialists. For over three decades Afghanistan is burning in fire and blood by the occupation and all which has remained are ruins. More than forty different armies (by the order of NATO) and fifty world-famous secret services are still in colonial Afghanistan with their military bases and offices, busy with plundering, destruction of resources, killing people and destruction of the youth population of this fainting country. In other words, Afghanistan has become the test laboratory of the different weapons, the headquarters of espionage by imperialism and international reactionaries.


Your support provides us with the power for the resistance against imperialists and reactionaries and strengthens our hearts in the struggle against them.

I wish every individual one of you and the conferences further great successes!

With friendly greetings I press your hands.

Partija Rada / Party of Labour (Yugoslavia)

ON the occasion of the 3th ICOR World Conference receive our revolutionary greetings!

Dear comrades! This time we were unable to send our delegates to be part of this very important meeting due some difficulties.

We wish to congratulate you on your work so far and wish that you will continue with building up a truly democratic and revolutionary movement.

In the year when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, we also must remember that today it is up to us to carry on that fire all around the globe so they will not be forgotten and to fight for the living and oppressed people today.

We wish you much luck and constructive work during the conference, but also in the everyday struggle!

Long live the ICOR!

Long live international solidarity and the revolutionary struggle of the proletariat and the oppressed people!

Niederlande: Jugendverband Jong en Strijdbaar (Young an Militant)

DEAR COMRADES, This year we observe the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia. We do so, because this socialist revolution was a step forward in the history of mankind. Never before did the world see that the oppressed class of a society of a country liberated itself from their oppressors and built their own socialist society.

We also observe this anniversary together with you, because we must learn from the October Revolution so that we can liberate ourselves from capitalism: no higher being will save us! The youth from JeS from the Netherlands welcome ICOR and wish ICOR much success in international cooperation and in new steps for building the international coordination. A new, socialist revolution can only be organized internationally and therefore it is so important that all from different countries have gathered here.

Long live the international, socialist revolution!

Long live ICOR!

Women’s League Courage E.V.

THE Women’s League Courage e.V., which works together without regard for political affiliation, sends you greetings of solidarity for your World Conference.

With deep respect and solidarity we experience the women of the ICOR organizations as militant, advancing and forward-looking forces – whether at the World Women’s Conference of grassroots women or in manifold struggles of women of the world. In a situation in which more and more governments are shifting to the right and are also especially attacking active and resisting women, we have to come closer together and learn from each other, how we will strengthen the organized women’s movement in our countries. For us the alliance above party lines of all oppressed women is important, of women of all classes and strata, of different political views or world outlook – except fascists.

We are not an ICOR member as the German secret services insinuate, but we do not allow anybody to prohibit us from cooperating with you. We are unified in the goal of the liberation of women from exploitation in a liberated society. The October Revolution in Russia 100 years ago made very clear: Revolutions are also locomotives in the struggle for women’s rights and against societal structures, views and traditions hindering women to take over the full responsibility for their lives and for social progress. Consolidating your alliance will also promote the alliance of the women of the world – we are convinced of that. In this spirit we wish your conference full success.

Sri Lanka: New Democratic Marxist Leninist Party (NDMLP)

AT this juncture where 3rd ICOR Conference is taking place, we would like to thank Comrade Stefan Engel for his contributions and leadership he rendered to the creation of ICOR. Today ICOR, as the coordinating organization of revolutionary parties and organizations, has grown in stature and reputation. Comrade Stefan Engel’s leadership, vision and comradeship played a key role in shaping ICOR.

While celebrating the contribution of Comrade Stefan Engel, New Democratic Marxist Leninist Party (NDMLP) wishes good health and thanks the Comrade for his contributions and hopes that the comrade will continue his support and contribution to ICOR. With revolutionary greetings

RCP Egypt to the 3rd World Conference

WE as the Revolutionary Communist Party - Egypt call all our comrades and revolutionary and communist parties to unite together for socialist revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie. We support all our comrades and join hands to concentrate our struggle and efforts. We should connect more with our people, and the party should connect more with the masses in order to gain victory and raise the socialist flags again.

We said that Marxist only is not sufficient but Marxism Leninism do and it’s our slogan “Marxism-Leninism”. This philosophy which transformed Russia from a country of the wooden ploughs to a great nuclear power under the leadership of the great Lenin and Stalin.

R.C.P. - Egypt and all its members sincerely follow the way of past Bolsheviks. Together with all revolutionary, communist and progressive powers in the world toward a better life, free of exploitation, hunger and unemployment.

RMP Russia (Russian Maoist Party)

WE send our greetings to the World Conference of ICOR and wish you a successful work. We think the conference should take steps for developing the exchange of information and discussion on contents among the member parties of ICOR in order to achieve a satisfactory level of ideological-political unification. The communists should not avoid the urgent issues which arise in the analysis of problems of national self-determination, labour aristocracy, inter-imperialist rivalry and anti-imperialist resistance of any kind. We must jointly solve these questions on the principled basis of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought. This is a condition for the successful development of the practical revolutionary struggle. We hope that the conference of our comrades from all over the world will not simply repeat old wisdoms, but will provide a new quality for this struggle.

Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)

THANK YOU so much for asking greetings of best wishes in terms of the third International Conference of ICOR from our party, the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist).

We have pleasure to have information about ICOR’s third International Conference due to be held in 2017. We would like to extend our very best wishes and revolutionary greetings on the occasion of ICOR’s third International Conference for its grand success.

We hope that the International Conference would be able to adopt revolutionary policies and programs in favour of oppressed classes, nations and peoples of the world and to wage struggle against imperialists and reactionary forces and elements worldwide.

We will be in touch in the days to come too. With Revolutionary Greetings,

Mohan Baidhya “Kiran”

General Secretary, NCP(RM)

15 October, 2017 
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The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.