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Presented to ICOR by Socialist Platform for Change of Course, Venezuela

ALMOST 20 years have passed, since commander Hugo Chávez Frías seized power through elections, after he had tried to do this through a civil-military rebellion on 4 February 1992. That was a consequence of three decades of social, moral and economic degradation of the Venezuelan political structure of the historical period called the 4th republic which was marked by representative democracy.

This way the Bolivarian revolution appeared on the stage of class struggle. At the beginning it put the development of capitalism with a human face as central idea resulting from its character being determined by several classes. Thanks to the protagonism of the people and the attacks of counter-revolution, Chávez with his strong leadership personality rapidly changed the process and seized the flag of anti-imperialism and socialism, not only to change the reality of the Venezuelan men and women, but in order to accompany the peoples of the world in their struggle of constructing a new society.

The national bourgeoisie and North American imperialism have not put down the weapons for just one day, since the moment when the Bolivarian revolution took over the control of the oil revenues and determined Venezuela’s social policy. However, since the death of commander Chávez and his succession by Nicolás Maduro through winning the elections of 2012 the enemies of the revolution decided to act with more power and enforce the struggle further through various mechanisms: on the one hand, the Venezuelan economy entered a deep state of crisis because of the fall of oil prices, the supply crisis of everyday products caused by entrepreneurs and retail chains, as well as by psycho-war mechanisms and the hyperinflation caused by the international economic blockade.

Together with the fact that the revolutionary leadership took decisions from a reformist attitude this crisis prevented progress towards societal political, cultural and economic conditions with which you could have countered the new attacks of the revolutionary’s and people’s enemies which found their most perfect expression in a mass line. This triggered more than 1 million Chávez followers not to elect any deputy for the national assembly in the last elections (December 2015) and the Venezuelan opposition won the majority in the legislative. Against this backdrop the national assembly controlled by the right disregarded the laws, because it tried to overthrow the power of the Bolivarian revolution through different ways, to use a parlamentarian coup in the style of Paraguay or Brazil by disregarding the remaining four public powers existing in Venezuela according to the constitution. Adhering to the neoliberal line they try to belittle the state in order to assert the interests of big capital having a new political and institutional crisis as consequence.

In view of the events the government called the parties directed against itself, the so-called “table of democratic unity” (MUD), for dialogue, but these refused and again brought a group of manipulated and some paid young people to take to the streets and trigger a big wave of violence and terrorism. Burning public institutions, sabotage of electricity supply in Venezuela, attacks of hospitals and schools, prevention of free traffic and of normal development of the population as well as lynch law, murder of Chávez sympathizers, among them youth who were burnt alive – all this belongs to the seeming protest in the most important streets of Venezuela.

Thus the ruling class with its entrepreneurs, its means of communication, its academic institutions, with its influence, mainly among the middle strata and the professional organizations applies tactics of mass agitation and organization, with an ideological development pointing in the direction of fascism.

The violent actions go along with an intensive international campaign via social networks and media of communication which are at the service of the bourgeoisie in order to demonize the Bolivarian government and manipulate the population. They were also accompanied by intensive diplomatic maneuvers of interference by disregarding the principle of self-determination of the Venezuelan people by institutions and countries at the service of US imperialism, like the OAS (Organization of American States), the EU parliament and a small group of Latin American states governed by representatives of the bourgeoisie.

The facts stated here are part of the manuals of putschism in the Latin America of the 20th century and the coups of the 21st century which began in Eastern Europe with the so-called “colourful revolutions” and which become apparent in every action of the Venezuelan right lacking of genuine and spontaneous manifestations in its policies and war. Its purpose exceeds the ending of the Nicolás Maduro government and consists in burying the possibility of worldwide regaining of a society changing offensive through demobilization of the movements and activists for changes in Latin America and worldwide.

In spite of this the revolutionary leadership does not stand by and wait and calls for a Constitutional National Assembly (ANC) as answer to the manoeuvres of imperialism and expression of its efforts for stability and peace in Venezuela. This is a mechanism of the highest power of the sovereign people rooted in our valid text of the constitution aiming at anew founding the state and the laws.

President Nicolás Maduro issues this call based on the constitution of the Bolivarian Republic, especially articles 347 and 348, empowering the president of the republic to take the initiative for convening an ANC. In addition he applies to the Venezuelan people to approving it by referendum once there will be the new constitution.

Thus convening and implementing the ANC has become the most important point on the agenda of the government. The National Election Council has determined the election of 545 constituent councils for 30 July by direct and secret vote. They shall be nominated in all districts (335) and by the social groups which fill the republic with life (male and female workers, students, male and female peasants, people with disabilities, male and female pensioners and male and female entrepreneurs and others).

The angry assault of imperialism followed quickly: the opposition does not nominate any candidates and does not acknowledge the process of the Constituent Assembly, while it intensifies the violence in the streets with the support of the Attorney General. At the same time there are efforts to isolate Venezuela through international institutions and the campaign of lies and manipulations against the Bolivarian Republic continues.

The large majority of the left movements, parties and organizations participate in the call of President Maduro to the ANC. On the one hand they participate by supporting the whole process of legitimacy of the Constituent Assembly as broad and democratic process.

On the other the left nominates fighters and social leaders in view of what Vladimir Lenin called a revolutionary situation, an opportunity for not only winning time and political stability but a suitable opportunity for materializing the programmatic principles of the constitution for deepening the Bolivarian revolution.

So more than 8 million men and women voted for the 545 constituent councils despite the spiral of silence imposed by the ideological apparatuses – and thus made it possible that the Constituent National Assembly could be established as well as its main election promise could be realized immediately, that is peace for Venezuela. The most important speakers of the MUD emphasize that they will not acknowledge the elections and once again call for electoral fraud, while at the same time they leave the violent agenda in the streets in order to register on a massive scale for the next gubernatorial elections which shall take place in October and thus legitimize the power of elections in Venezuela.

In view of the massive participation in the voting day for the constituent assembly, the announcement of the elections (gubernatorial elections and election of mayors) and the decision of the oppositional parties to take part in this election battle President Trump announces a still harsher economic blockade against the Bolivarian government and only a little later says that he does not exclude a military option for Venezuela.

In this way the worldwide oligarchies, the Venezuelan counter revolution and US imperialism are trying to eliminate the light house which together with Cuba again has brightened and mobilized the hopes of the working peoples – their hope for socialism.

That is why in view of the complicated situation which the Bolivarian revolution and the people of Venezuela are going through we as members of the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR) call for not losing sight of the events in Venezuela. We pursue the path of proletarian internationalism and will declare our solidarity from every place, even the very smallest, with the struggle of the Bolivarian revolution and spread the truth what really is happening in the country of Bolivar.

We do not allow another Perestroika, also not a second Berlin wall and even less an invasion to Panama. We, male and female revolutionaries of the world, are obliged to defend the self-determination and to suppress the advancement of capital and its hysterical phase, fascism, in every country.

We admonish the movements, social organizations and revolutionary parties of Venezuela to make use of the time won by defending the government in the hands of Chavism, for advancing the development of society, for a change of course of the Bolivarian revolution in such a way to newly lift the socialist horizon of the imagination of the Venezuelan people.

Let us acknowledge our main contradiction, so that we will not divert from the direction which puts hope in the construction of socialism and let us not sway in this delicate and complicated battle which however has a clear direction: against imperialism and the tentacles of capital. We, all revolutionary parties and organizations of Venezuela, are against those who are endangering humanity. 

The Communist movement in India has a history of almost a century after the salvos of October Revolution in Russia brought Marxism-Leninism to the people of India who were engaged in the national liberation struggle against the British colonialists. It is a complex and chequered history.